SOUTH day tour €70 “The wild coasts” – With meal option on board grills à la plancha

From 09:00 to 16:30

Beaches inaccessible by road, coves with turquoise waters, stories and traditions, embark on 40 km of natural sites inaccessible by road, with a passionate crew. Fauna, flora, historical heritage, a day suitable for everyone. …Embark for the legendary site of the Conservatoire National du Littoral Sartenais-Valinco.

2 hours of visit in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, interspersed with a stopover in the bay of Tivella: Wild beach, granite islets (natural diving boards, snorkeling spot), marked hiking trails (optional, walks through the maquis 15Min/One way for the turquoise waters of the Cala Longa cove, 30Min/One way for the Senetosa lighthouse)

During this break from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., you can have a picnic, or enjoy a meal* on board around grilled grilled meats with Mediterranean side dishes (option to be taken when booking).

During this day trip, you will discover Natura2000 areas with remarkable and endemic fauna and flora. 

This guided nautical excursion takes place aboard the PRUPRIA: Comfort boat with a glass bottom (underwater vision), equipped with several decks panoramic and shaded, toilets and small bar. 

A professional crew will ensure your comfort and safety on board.

 Spots visited during the day: Tivella Beach, Conca Cove, Cala Longa cove, Cala d'Agulia cove, the listed sites of Valinco, Blevédère coves, Campomoro bay, Senetosa lighthouse, bird islets, the granite formations of garden of the winds…

*Optional meal +25€/adult Served on board by the crew, at the table and in the shade. Grilled sausages, merguez and sardines à la plancha - Side dishes Mediterranean (Pasta salad / Ratatouille-style vegetables with steamed potatoes) - Corsican Tomme de brebis cheese - Traditional bread - Seasonal fruit composition - Domaine de Pratavone rosé wine from southern Corsica - Saint George mineral water - Coffee. 

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